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Art Direction

Design & Development

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Custom code

Location & Year

Namibia, 2020


Primary Font – Josefin Sans
Secondary Font: Arbutus Slab

H1 – 45px
H2 – 45px
Text – 20px




Desktop view

Project description:

This is the first project to really push me in terms of technical Elementor functions.

This was the first time I used Elementor’s Theme Builder, in order to create lasting templates that contributors and editors can use to add to new content to the site without having to call upon me.

I learnt about the importance of empowering the client to take charge of their own website.

I collaborated with the client on this one. They are an experienced web designer, and had a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve.
I produced the colour scheme, layouts, font selection, and code required to achieve additional functionality/aesthetic.

Mobile view

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